You Can Sing!

You Can Sing!  Use Your Voice as a Key in Discovering Your Creative Potential!  Yes, Holistic Singing!

Singing is not something you “just go and do”.  It’s something that you become a part of.  Does that mean, you become a part of the song?  Or does it mean you become more of a part of yourself to become more a part of the song?  It’s a good question.

Well, there is one answer here, “The Song sings You,  so You can Sing your Song”!  When you simply allow yourself to sing, you will experience this.  Drop all pretenses, forget what any angry teacher or person told you when they said: “You are tone deaf, will you please stop singing?”, or When you “try” to sing, “try” to “hit” a note and “hold” it, it just doesn’t work out as well as you hear it in your head ~ sing it anyway ~ but instead, imagine sending the sound or tone from your “heart”, then the tone can travel and touch “many hearts”.  This is true,  but please,  just read on.

Singing, I tend to believe, is a “Martial Art”. So with this ~ great confident SINGING can be figuratively about taking a LEAP OF FAITH and then preparing to DO A LOT OF WORK!   One thing though is true,  if you believe you can SING WELL, chances are if you give yourself THE chance you actually can!  The CREATIVE MIND is already at work,  it KNOWS more about your GIFTS than you KNOW about them.  You need  TOOLS then that good ol’ thing called TRUST IN applying them my friends, and so yes,  one can be led safely UP the ROAD in becoming a proficient or potentially even a great SINGER,  but this very thing will depend on one’s own LEVEL OF DEVOTION in EXPLORATION process.  Let me help you discover YOUR CREATIVE POTENTIAL using VOICE AS THE KEY!  I promise to not let you down, but you must first decide to partner up with me in the FOLLOWING OF YOUR HEART, and then TRUST that YOU CAN SING.   We would then make a GREAT TEAM!

“Trying” to sing, is sort of like “TRYING TO TIE YOUR SHOE”, you either do it or you don’t, right?   The beauty in singing is done with little or not much effort.  Imagine how a mother sounds singing to her newborn babe.  There’s a  LOT OF LOVE infused in those sounds,  and such little EFFORT.    Can you see the picture?    The path to JOY IN SINGING starts with little effort and a lot of Tender Loving Care.  Yes, Tender Loving Care, for yourself, and the process.   The good sound of music coming out of you, using your VOICE then is IMMINENT.      Singing or embarking on Vocal Training is like having decided to become an “ABSTRACT ARTIST” because in singing you cannot see inside this instrument, so you must train yourself to feel and hear inside this big FLUTE (YOU) if you will, which is quite a different application in the singing artform.   Other musical instruments, such as the piano,  you can see the piano keys, the strings of a sitar, a violin, the holes on the flute to hold down for various notes to be played.   Singing is such a different thing.  

Singing usually happens when one cannot express the same emotion in words as well.  If a person to person communication was more expressive it would, I believe be sing-songy!  If a  song has an element of exuberance, it might then be expressed with extra expressive force.  In singing, the “IMAGINATION IS EVERYTHING” so if you can feel, see the music, then usually you can hear the way it ought to sound.  And as the music sings around in your head, then you will find a pathway to sharing exactly what you hear inside.  One’s “inner ear” is the very delicate palate, and accurate for the singer to rely on,  and should be used and looked at as an ear beyond the ear ~ an INTERNAL EAR.  For example:  If one sings more softly one might hear oneself better.  You will find that this can be a perfect starting place.  Sing as if you were singing a lullaby to a child, or to a loved one in need of a loving touch at the heart level.  Music touches!  Friends, remember, we are made up of almost 70% water, so every tone you sing, has a response in the body, of your own and all of those who have come to listen to you perform, or at any place where you might just “break into song”!

Yes, the “IMAGINATION IS EVERYTHING” in singing.   One easy trick for you would be, eg: See the tone, hear it and then sing it (not before you have taken these three steps). You must realize at the moment when you are singing, that you are as if you were an “ARTIST”, “ALREADY THE SINGER”, this attitude will bring great CONFIDENCE, so that you may begin this creative process “HOLISTICALLY”.

In my workings and the long history of, teaching, composing and performing, SINGING RESONATES as a martial art.  For a good example:  If one should study QIGONG, TAI CHI, AIKIDO, ETC, similar concepts may be transferred to ART OF SINGING.  Then we are on a rich road of experiencing the JOY OF SINGING!

 There’s a great saying I have come up with:  If you love the tone, THE TONE WILL LOVE YOU back.  It’s a boomerang effect.  So LAST BUT NOT LEAST, my dear singing hearted friends ~ in singing the “IMAGINATION IS EVERYTHING”!. 


Yours truly in harmony,  Jana Szabo