Vocal Tech Singing Workshop Summer Camp 2024

Today, I am going to be talking about an experience that’s not just about singing; it’s about immersing yourself in the art of vocal performance. I’m here to help you with your journey into the Vocal Tech Singing Summer Camp of 2024, a two-day workshop extravaganza designed for passionate singers, (those who love to sing and have not pursued this quest as well) and those who are ready to elevate their talents.

This isn’t just a camp;  it’s a comprehensive workshop where you’re going to find out about multifaceted vocal techniques, warm-up exercises, and the intriguing nuances of harmony. The curtain rises on day one with a series of engaging vocal warm-ups – the cornerstone of a healthy singing practice. You’ll explore how to find your unique sound while singing with others, singing with a pianist, and all within the framework of understanding how harmonics play a part in creating rich, full-bodied vocal music.

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a melody to your name, the workshop’s curriculum is structured to help singers at every level. It’s about developing a connection with the music; this camp caters to that essence.

Choose something that resonates with you;  on the second day, you’ll dive into your song selections. This includes working closely with a pianist, understanding the structure of your chosen pieces, and ensuring that you and the accompaniment are in perfect sync. Don’t worry too much about perfection here – it’s all about learning and growth.

And, of course, we can’t overlook the importance of technology. You’ll get hands-on experience with tools that amplify and enhance your singing voice, like microphones, and amplifiers, which tools will enhance your performance for you to explore, which are essential for any performance. This understanding will demystify the technical aspects and help you blend traditional singing techniques with modern equipment.

A lot is happening very quickly, but I’m confident that this foundational day will set the stage for even greater exploration and self-discovery in the world of vocal performance.

Mastering Performance: Scatting, Solo Numbers, and Stage Confidence

On the close of the second day of the Vocal Tech Singing Summer Camp we will tie our entire experience together.  We will include tips on scat singing and putting your best foot forward in your performances, counting off your tune with the pianist, arranging your piece including solos and finding your way back into the your piece after solos, and how your scatting will fit into the structure of the song.

Scat singing isn’t just an art; it’s a rhythmic conversation with music. You’ll find out about the scatting tools I provide, which will give you a fresh way to express your creativity vocally, which you may choose to use for your pieces of choice. We will dive into rhythms, syllables, and improvisation techniques that can transform your performance into a unique work of art.

Choosing and perfecting a piece for your solo performance is a deeply personal journey. To support you, I will offer insights on selecting music that resonates with your voice and showcases your new skills. You’ll have the chance to work cm to refine every note, every breath, and every movement.

Now, let’s talk about something just as important as technique: stage confidence. Mastering the technical aspects is crucial, but your stage presence can elevate your performance from good to unforgettable. This includes your posture, your interaction with the audience, and your ability to stay present in the moment.

When it comes time to hit the stage, you’ll join a lineup of passionate singers, all sharing their voices and stories. It’s not just about individual achievement; it’s a collective celebration of how far everyone has come.

And remember, the end of the camp isn’t the end of the journey. You’ll leave with new tools, knowledge, and confidence in yourself and your natural singing voice and your deeper grasp and understanding of this amazing tool you have ~ Your Singing Voice.

Learning to sing, like any great adventure, never really stops.  

And do let me know if you are interested.  The date and Time are not Set Yet, but will be SOON. STAY TUNED!

 in harmony, Jana Szabo.   jszabostudios@gmail.com

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  1. Jana, your Vocal Tech Singing Workshop for Summer 2024 sounds incredible! The combination of vocal techniques, performance mastery, and the use of technology offers a comprehensive learning experience. I’m particularly interested in how you integrate modern tech with traditional singing methods. Could you share more about how this blend helps enhance a singer’s performance? Thank you for creating such a promising opportunity for vocalists!

  2. Yes I will expand on the concepts of integrating modern technique with traditional singing methods. Let me put the concepts of these together in a comprehensive blog, and then I will post. I have a few more pieces to put together before this, but I will look at opening up a discussion on this very topic.
    Thank you for your comments and interest.

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