You Can Sing!

You Can Sing!  Use Your Voice as a Key in Discovering Your Creative Potential!  Yes, Holistic Singing!

Singing is not something you “just go and do”.  It’s something that you become a part of.  Does that mean, you become a part of the song?  Or does it mean you become more of a part of yourself to become more a part of the song?  It’s a good question.

Well there is one answer here, “The Song sings you.  When you just allow yourself to sing, you will see what this means.  When you “try” to sing, “try” to “hit” a note and “hold” it, well then already you, the person is in trouble and so is your audience, as that is how it is heard, received.  

Trying to sing, hitting a note and or holding a note, is like tripping over the ease and beauty in singing, or in working on a song, or in performance, and in any part of the art of singing.  Trying to sing, will always sound like “trying”.  Implying that the “tone”, the “sound of the music, of the song you are singing”, will sound like you are “trying” is completely accurate.  The sound of the song reflects on how you are feeling,  as the voice is in this amazing body of yours,.  And everything you imagine or think while singing will be in the “song”.  True.  

So why would you want to “hit” a note?  Would you naturally feel like “hitting” a person?  Well the “note” then will “hit” the person as well, imagine that.  Then, here we go into the “holding” of the “note”, tone, phrase, or what you will ~ Why would you want to “hold” it?  You would feel better when singing if you “sent the tone, the sound” not “by holding” yes? How do you want your audience to feel?  Sending sound, will guarantee it going somewhere.  

Then one must also remember that seeing the tone or note before singing it, not “trying” will and can be reliable for good intonation.  You must see the tone, hear it and then sing it.  This is a must for great singing. All seasoned singers do this and know this to be a “Golden Rule”.

In my workings and long history of working, teaching, composing and performing, singing resembles a martial art, such as Qiqong.  For example, if you love the tone, the sound of your music will resonate and reach the hearts of many.  If there is not recognition of an inner orbit, and that there are mystifying factions here ~ in singing that make the sound of the singers’ voice sound appealing or great, then we as singers have missed the point.  Folks, in singing the “imagination” is everything.  

Yours truly in harmony,  Jana Szabo