“Jana is a brilliant, gifted, intuitive teacher, with depth and vision. She discerns the style and encouraging message that is key to the sacred soul work that she guides. My lessons with her over the past couple of years have been my highpoint, always uplifting, expanding. She offers vocal warm-up that builds and teaches by increment, from which I’ve gained confidence and vocal skill. And I’m hugely heartened by her encouragement of the songwriting that is new to me, but quite compelling. I’m eternally grateful…”.

Jane Klassen

“I began taking singing lessons with Jana 3 years ago. When she said “You are an artist,” that first day, I didn’t believe her. Now I do. Jana truly believes each student is an artist; she teaches me the skills I need to convey my art and she opens my senses to know what kind of an artist I am. In each lesson, she meets me where I am that day and I have a breakthrough. One day I might find a note I could not reach before, another I might experience the thrill of being in the moment with a song. Every lesson is different; each day I feel the love she has for the art of caring for the person becoming an artist”.

Eileen M. Jackson, Ph.D., RN

“I study voice with Jana. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. People I play music with, and for, keep remarking on how much better my voice has become. It’s very hard to adequately explain Jana’s approach. It’s like what I imagine studying meditation or martial art is like, where you gain mastery over your thoughts in order to gain mastery over your body. It’s a very “zen” experience. I can’t imagine becoming a good vocalist using any method other than the one Jana has developed from years and years of her own deep study of voice”.

Joann Hammick Quintana

“Jana is a gifted vocal coach who offers an innovative approach to each individual’s musical style and level.  Not only did she help me rediscover my voice, but she also helped me reach a new level when recording my most recent CD.  Jana is the ideal vocal coach for a singer who wants to explore his or greatest possibilities”.

Gayle Cloud, Singer-Songwriter, Music Therapist

“I was fortunate enough to have Jana as my voice teacher while learning a vocally challenging character for a stage show (Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd).  Jana is so much more than a voice teacher.  She teaches from her passion, heart, and intuition.  So it is not just about scales or notes that she works with, but she helps you to break through barriers, and believe in your mind to achieve the best possible sound. Jana has a “rare gift”.  I wouldn’t hesitate to take on any other difficult singing part as long as Jana Szabo is my coach”.

Suzanne Kelman, Playwright, Actor, Director, Dancer, Vocalist

 “Jana doesn’t just teach voice lessons…Jana teaches the Zen of singing!!! Love the tone is her mantra and for those serious about taking their voice to another place, be it professional or personal, Jana Szabo is the ultimate instructor. Her lessons aren’t just about singing, they are about life, spirit, and soul. No matter what your style, no matter what your limitations, she can take you and your instrument to amazing levels. If you are reading this and shopping around looking for instructors then go no further as you have the best right here!!! Jana has given me the techniques and personal styles to still play music live on a weekly basis. Because of my training, I have been able to jam with musicians who have played with Santana, Greg Allman, Jefferson Starship, Eddie Money, The Tubes, Pat Travers, Montrose and many, many more. My only regret is living so far away in the Bay Area and not being able to still take lessons from my mentor. Thanks, Jana for giving me a voice to express myself!!!

Dan McCutcheon Jungle Rooster

“Jana is the most caring, encouraging, and talented vocal coach I have ever had.  She is so extremely dedicated to her students and truly goes the extra mile to help her students meet their goals.  It doesn’t matter what genre you like or wants to learn, she can and will help you reach your fullest potential.  Jana has an incredible ear for detail, and I am honored to have been taking lessons online with her for 3 years now”.   

Jasmine Madlener,  Virtuoso, Concert Pianist, Composer, Guitarist, Vocalist, Songwriter

“After just a few lessons, the knowledge and depth of Jana’s expertise have become readily apparent.  It’s vast!  She not only has taught me some incredibly powerful warm-up exercises, and with this, she has a given me a number of constructive comments regarding the songs I have written. From breath control to phrasing, to enunciation and delivery – it’s all there.  I highly recommend Jana to anyone seeking to move his or her singing to a new level”!

Kevin Fristad, Singer, Songwriter, Writer, Performing Artist

“Jana is extremely flexible with my girls and comes up with creative ways to teach them effectively,” the Rochholzs’ mother, Kristin Hummel, said. “She lets my oldest daughter choreograph her own dance routines to the songs that she creates. It’s been the perfect creative outlet for both of them.  

Kristin Hummel, Entrepreneur, Mom Extraordinaire