My Commitment to You!

I’ve lived in the art of music, dance and fine art for most of my life. Yet, music has been the one that has become dominant in my life and in my teaching work. A colorful quest.  My love for the arts has gotten me onto the high dive board, where I once just took the leap and since has been my first and foremost love in my life.  Music, the playing ~ the performing of, and the teaching of music.  This being a craft, which the Art of Music really is; once upon a time took me deep into the vast space of creativity and creating, using music as the vehicle, or “magic carpet”.  From teaching, songwriting, singing, performing, and recording ~ I am still swimming in this vast ocean of my One and Ultimate Love.  This Gift actualizes itself as my commitment to continuing in a “lifetime process” with and within the Artform itself! This is me.

My children students are your children, my adult students are also the children in adult form ~ I am blessed to share my gift to work with all children, all ages, and all sizes from the pre-schools to retirement age, designing programs for the development of gifts that are innately present in the “magical child” from the beginning of “life” until the very end of existence.    

I have been very fortunate to not only work privately with all ages, I have had an opportunity to work with your children in home school programs, alternative schools, Waldorf schools,  Musical direction, Vocal tech work in recording studios, working with actors, teaching voice, theory and piano…while developing my own programs for classrooms, some supported by grants, families, or the public school systems.  I am fortunate, that the root of my work is here in my home studio for my Private students. 

 What a great thing to be blessed with and all of these rewards!   It’s as if the Sun decided to drip it’s Shine into my World, reflecting my Musical Heart, and the absolute “resilience and importance” of this share!  In my work I have witnessed rising talent, I have witnessed locked up talent ~ freed, and I have a chance to be involved in the ever-growing continuing process with the artist as we work together, no matter the age.  

My ever long commitment to the creative development of the “magical children” young to old has been and is the Gift ~ a “Figure Eight Flow”.  My students are rewarded with renewal and more exposure to their gifts and I am as well continually to my own.  The development of and the sharing of these gifts bless me. I witness you shift,  change, and become more of who you want and Dream to Be, and already knew you Could Be.  I am your Facilitator for your gifts of music to RISE AND SHINE!  When you pick me to be your Musical Coach, You have decided to awaken or deepen your musical journey, pathway. 

Thinking like a child is truly when we grow. Just to imagine that when my Adult Children come to my studio, I am ready and prepared to meet them on many more levels ~ because the children bring and teach me so much.   We, all musical children come together here in my Studio for a period of time with a commitment to your musical journey of  Singing, Composing, Improvisation, and Piano ~  which all awaits for you to your own creative gifts which open and bloom. 

Thank you for trusting me with your Creative Process, I promise to take you by the hand (so to speak) from where you are to the next place on your Creative Path, and then again and again. I will be your catalyst in you discovering the Gifts that you wish to share with yourself and others.

The Gift is ours to share as we create, grow, learn and expand together.

In harmony as always,

Jana Szabo