My life as an Artist

My life as an Artist, keeps expanding me, and bringing me “The Artist” (me)  to the “New Horizon”. There is always a “New Horizon” for the “Artist” and there are so many reasons why this is evident for me.    The Painting, that I have painted for myself keeps painting itself into a larger more beautiful scape.  This is the “Way of the Artist”.

There are many reasons why I feel that this is evident for not only myself as the Artist but for all in lieu of being an Artist.   The paintbrush keeps painting the painting, the Singer keeps singing the song, the Sculpture keeps sculpting the sculpture.  And each time, this Artists’  world expands.

As a child, on the beach, always looking to the horizon…why?  Living as an artist from childhood, my first and “Primal” form of expression, also made me into a “Why” child, a child who gazed at the “Starry Night Sky” in total amazement and questioning.  This Artist ~ questioning everything.  In writing, in dance, in acting,  in singing, in playing the piano…always questioning. That was oddly or commonly still is me and this has been the ship that has friended and swept me off my feet into the whirlwind of a “lifelong journey” of “Life in the Arts” the one way I get to express myself in this life.  My trusty, scary, unknown pathway most times has been the essence of creativity “mast on my sailboat” which has taken me safely in friendship along this path of Artist.

The more I teach the more I learn, the more I see the vigor and desire in my students , their fiery passion young and old to attain more skills in achieving their creative dreams,  all the same “All Ages the same” ~ the more I discover the length and width of my own vigor/desire to expand my playing field in which I am the “Artist”.  And this is my “current excitement”.

And so we are all on the same page, or can arrive there for a moment to entertain the next thought: It is not about having a lot of time, much time, no time, it’s merely and clearly about creating “space” and knowing how to. Creating “space”, is actually the “Artists Way”…creating space.  Well it is.

If you want to be a good singer, musician, painter, sculpture, your essential part in this,  is working with the element of time…how to create something. Time is always the frame work. No matter what you do, here on this earth plane you are dealing with “TIME”.   Not “how much time do I need to do this, bring this abstract concept into fruition” no no no….Slowing time down, (that’s THE talent, that one either has or must acquire)…not be taken as  woo woo, not new agey, no it is a “Primal” element of being an “Artist”.  Bringing the abstract into the tangible….first what are you bringing, how are you bringing it, and what would you like your result to be?  Are you more interested in the “Process” than you are the “Outcome”?  Yes, this is the Artists’ Way …

The creative “essence” is always at work, it’s merely how we apply it, and where we apply that skill.  In lieu of Art and the Artistry, we must abstractly (using one’s imagination)  slow time down, to discover what the parts (elements)  are, what we are wanting to convey and then working with the tools,  skills we have acquired within that craft, art form … without that what would we have?  So then we configure.   As an Artist in my discovery, there is absolutely no way around working within the context of Isolations, no matter the art form.

 No matter what the art form of what one’s playfield is… the parts of the piece matter more than the end result.  If We live in the spaces of each part while creating,    then we are or will be equipped and ready to mold, build this “Great Art”.    If time can slow down,   these steps can be taken and fine results achieved.  Allowing the possibility of “Great Art” to happen, “Art being one’s friend” will then express the Artists’ desired result.   Living your Expression well, and Living it well through the “Arts”, is  being the Artist.

Yours truly,

Jana Szabo Artisan in the World of Plenty