My life as an Artist

My life as an Artist keeps expanding me, and bringing me to “New Horizons”. There is always a “New Horizon” for the “Artist” and there are so many reasons why this is evident for me.    The Painting, that I have painted for myself keeps painting itself into a larger more beautiful scape.  This is the “Way of the Artist”.

There are many reasons why I feel that this is evident for not only myself as the Artist but for all in lieu of being an Artist.   The paintbrush keeps painting the painting, the Singer keeps singing the song, the Sculpture keeps sculpting the sculpture.  And each time, this Artists’  world expands.

As a child, on the beach, I was always looking to a new horizon…  Living as an artist from childhood, my first and “Primal” form of expression, a child spun into her imagination mostly, often found gazing at the “Starry Night Sky” in amazement and questioning its magnitude.  The Artist ~ questions everything.  In writing, in dance, in acting,  in singing, in playing the piano…questioning,  as my imagination was always expanding. The unknown pathway most times has been my safest place, sailboat sailing the seas of creativity to always take me safely to a new Creatively Inspired destination.

Another fascinating element I have discovered is, that the more I teach the more I learn.   The more I witness the passion, will, and desire in my students, their fiery passion young and old to attain more skills in achieving their creative ideas,  confirmation of my personal experience is shared.   

The creative “essence” is always available to us, we must recognize the presence of this energy, this place to begin.  In lieu of Art and Artistry, the abstract is lying dormant or active in the imagination.  Slowing time down can be a way in discovering what parts (elements)  exist,  then perhaps we can see what is there to develop, work on with tools.  Skills are acquired with recognizing the need for the application of new tools so that the craft, art form may develop!   As an Artist on my journey, there has been absolutely no way around working without tools which = technique.  

 No matter what the art form of what one’s playfield is… the parts of the piece (the process) matter more than the end result.  If we live in the spaces of each particle while creating,   then we can be equipped and ready to mold, build and play in this “Artform”.    If one takes the time, then time can slow down so that these steps can be taken and fine results will be achieved.  Allow space for your Creative Mind to explore the possibilities of the Gifts you have that might lay dormant.  We are all Artists, one has to be to live life… consider Living out Your Creative Expression, and Living it will bring you to meeting the ARTIST IN YOU! 

In Harmony,

Jana Szabo Artisan in the World of Plenty