Preparing to Sing? You Must Do these Things!



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1. Sleep Well the night before (foot massage recommended). done
2. Wake up ~ Have your caffeine drink “once” in the morning. done

3. Pour yourself a Glass of Water with lemon ~ have it near. done

4. Stretch ~ Yoga ~ Pilates ~ Tai Chi ~Your choice! done

5. Walk your Dog, Feed Your Cat, + or Send Children off to School, Kiss Hubby or Wife goodbye. done

6. Find an Open Space. done

7. Feel your feet on the Ground ~ Earth. done

8. Locate your Dan Tien Area. done

8. Breath into the Dan Tien~ Inhale and Exhale slowly caringly five times. done

9. Find a Mirror ~ place it so you can look at your reflection when needed. done

10. When you Inhale watch that your shoulders don’t rise. Dan Tien Breathing does not need the shoulders to move. done

11. Relax ~ Let go of silly thoughts like “I can’t” “How can I” “This is stupid” “What am I doing?” Just have fun! done

12. Put your hands on your dan tien = abdomen (feel ribcage expand) let go, repeat ~ feel the process. done

13. Sing a few long tones softly on one chosen vowel. done

14. Have a sip of your (room temperature) water with lemon. done

15. Smile ~ Check in with yourself ~ Are you having fun? Smile. done

16. Again ~ Inhale (diaphram dropping down ~ so ribcage can expand ~lungs fill). Exhale release! done

17. Take a break ~ put on your favorite tunes and dance around! Move that Body! Loosen up! Hoolah hoop! done

18. Find New Singing Pose ~ Focus, Desire, Will in alignment, “Be Here Now” Feet on the Ground!. done

19. Relax ~ Find Inner Smile ~ Sing with this Smile. done

20. Prepare to Sing Your Favorite Song! done

21. Love the Tones, Sing the Song! done

22. Relax your Jaw to Stretch and Relax Entire Body ~ shake it out. done

23. Look at Yourself in the Mirror and Sing your Favorite Song Softly while “relaxing your jaw”! done

24. Have fun ~ Smile. done

25. Refresh to Locate more Passion for Your Song and Fill it with your Joy. done

26. Sing it like you mean it and …. done

27. Soon You will Be Singing Your Song, Swaying with the Tones, Taking Long Walks in the Woods or the City Streets while Singing, Humming or Shouting Your Song, Sharing it with Others~ and Shout it out to the World:

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